Memorable wedding bringing together relatives and old friends

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 9:15 AM Posted by AZNAN

A wedding is one occasion for any hosts who have gone through in making preparations for the event would want it to be a memorable one to treasure throughout life. Having close friends and relatives to grace the occasion is something the hosts look forward to happen to share the happy moments together. Not only for parents, but most importantly for the bride and the bridegroom. 

The wedding ceremony of my youngest son, Amir Azfar with Diana Nuzuin which I hosted at Bangi Golf Resort on Sunday, 26 January 2014, went on pretty smooth with a good turn up of close friends and relatives. As hosts, my wife and I were very happy and delighted to welcome our guests to the reception.

Indeed, as I reflected in my speech at the wedding, the occasion was a gathering which provided a good opportunity for many to meet old friends from their younger days, during school years or during their studies at the universities. Or for some, during those days they had been working together in similar places or organisations either in the country or overseas.

Some friends frankly told me they have not met each other for a long period of time since the last time they saw each other. This has indeed been a nostalgic occasion, not only for the guests but also for me and my wife as many of those who came happened to be common or mutual friends to most. So, many of them took time to talk and reflect of the good old days they were together.

There were relatives and families as well as family friends from both sides (my wife and I) from near and far who took their time to attend the wedding. Some were from Perak, Kelantan, Pahang, Melaka and Johor.

Among close friends were those from my school days in Taiping and university days in Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur. There were former colleagues from Wisma Putra days, right to the Information Ministry and the Department of Information days and some old friends who served with Bernama and other media organisations.

We were honoured with the presence of former boss, Tan Sri Hasmy Agam and Puan Sri Mudhlifah. I had served under Tan Sri at Malaysia's diplomatic mission in Paris.

There were friends who we happened to meet while serving overseas or working together in the same capital cities like Bangkok, Tokyo, Paris and London. These were indeed real colleagues and close friends whom I have had the opportunity to serve together for almost 32 years.

There were also several colleagues from IIUM, the place I currently work or had been serving for six years. Former university rector, Prof. Dato' Seri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid and his wife, together with Prof. Dr. Mohd Yusof Hussain and wife were present.

Other guests were friends from other departments, organisations and universities whom I have been associated with in the past and presently in my long years of service.

My wife, Suraya, was happy to see old friends from MARDI where she started working upon graduating from UiTM, and classmates from both university days and school days at Sekolah Tun Fatimah (STF), Johor Bahru, a boarding school for girls.

One good thing about the event, it also brought neighbours together which helped enhance closer relationship. Getting to know neighbours and bringing about closer ties is so important.

Not forgetting the young and dynamic people, some of them are my present and former students of IIUM and UiTM whom I have had the opportunity to meet with in the past. Some are friends and classmates of both Amir Azfar and Diana Nuzuin (Awin) from UiTM and UNISEL and other universities and the private sector organisations who have given us a lot of support and assistance to help make the occasion a memorable one.

I felt greatly honoured with their presence to share the happy moments together. Our prayers and doa' for a happy marriage and a successful future for the newly weds. May they be blessed by Allah SWT at all times.

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